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The School of Commercial Real Estate Investing is the first comprehensive education platform for active and passive commercial real estate investing.

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1. Invest in Commercial Real Estate

We create approachable, high-quality educational resources to help you learn how to invest in commercial real estate.

2. Scale Your Real Estate Portfolio

We provide expert insights, practical tactics, and timely market data to help you scale your portfolio and grow your income.

3. Achieve Financial Independence

We strive to help you achieve financial independence through commercial real estate investing to live your life on your terms.

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Our Philosophy: You Belong

We Empower Investors of All Backgrounds to Invest in Real Estate.

Commercial real estate investing has long been one of the most reliable methods to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, but it’s historically been reserved for large institutions and ultra-wealthy individuals.

We believe it’s time to open the doors and make commercial real estate investing more accessible. That’s why we’ve developed the first comprehensive education platform for commercial real estate investing—so you can invest in real estate, scale your portfolio, and achieve financial freedom from wherever you’re starting.

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